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Photos of our Dogs(Continued)
Pictured below are some of our dogs. Their pedigrees will be found on other pages CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE
17 - Zoe, Tamsan, Teagan
Taken in 1997 this picture shows in the centre Tayowen Touch of Class with her progeny - on the left Heather and Les Weeks foundation Bitch Tayowen Touch of Silk at Carinyssader and on the right our Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Satin
At age 3 - taken in June 2002 after their wins at the Field Spaniel Society Championship show  from left to right Sh ChTAYOWEN TOUCH OF THE KNIGHT (Ollie) and Sh Ch TAYOWEN TOUCH OF DREAMS  (Cassie) (b. 07/07/99).   To see other photos of Ollie click here, and of Cassie click here.
29 - four generations, Zoe, Cassie
5 - photos - Rowan Buster Zoe
Taken in June 2002 this shows Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Satin (b. 26/12/95) (Tamsan) to see other photos click here,
41 - OLLE JUNE'02