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Us and Our Dogs(Continued)
In 1999 we bred our third litter mating TAMSAN Sh Ch TAYOWEN TOUCH OF SATIN to Vale and Russell Mosedale’s Sh Ch DUBLDEE KNIGHT OF THE SHIRE. From the litter of 5 we kept a dog OLLIE Sh Ch TAYOWEN TOUCH OF THE KNIGHT  (eyes clear, hips 0:0) and a bitch.-  Sh Ch TAYOWEN TOUCH OF DREAMS (eyes clear, hips 4:6) also in that litter was Alan and Dot Woldridge’s foundation bitch Tayowen Touch of Moonlight at Fieldedge.  In 2003 we bred our fourth litter mating Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Dreams to Gamefell Gambit.  From the litter of 7 we again kept a dog LEO - Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Diplomacy (eyes clear, hips 5:3) and a bitch MADISON - Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Desire (eyes clear, hips 6:5). In January 2010 we were joined by Ollie’s Granddaughter LOLA - Sh Ch Nadavin Qiunessa at Tayowen  (eyes clear, hips 5:5).Lola was mated to Tayowen Touch of Dignity (eyes clear, hips 6:5) and in May 2011 had a litter of 8 - 4 dogs and 4 bitches. We have kept a dog - IGGY - Sh Ch Tayowen Touch of Endurance (eyes clear, hips 7:5) and a bitch HANNAH Tayowen Touch of Elegance.(eyes clear, hips 7:7)  In 2014 we were joined byan Iggy son MORSE Elgert Take a Bow with Tayowen.(eyes clear, hips 11:8)
We have been members of the Field Spaniel Society since we bought our first Field and have always taken a keen interest in all aspects of the breed. Howard is currently Vice President of the Society We both award Challenge Certificates in the breed
Our Affix
Our affix - TAYOWEN is a combination of part of our surname and Sheila’s maiden name Owens
The Working Side
24 - Buster and rabbit
We did not breed our first litter until 1991. From that litter of 10, 5 were shown successfully and two went on to become Show Champions - Vale and Russell Mosedale’s foundation bitch LACE  - Sh Ch TAYOWEN TEMPTATION OF DUBLDEE and Keith, Cheryl and David Smith’s first Field WIZZY- SH CH TAYOWEN TAMARA OF SOBERHILL who gained her title at WELKS in April 2000.   We had our second litter in 1995 one of whom was bought by Heather and Les Weeks TEAGAN - TAYOWEN TOUCH OF SILK AT CARINYSSADER and is their foundation bitch. We bred our third litter in July 1999 and our fourth litter in Oct 2003,our last litter was born in May 2011.  We were top breeder in 2008 and again in 2010.  We only bred when we wanted to keep something to show and work ourselves.
Zoe doing a water retrieve
Buster learning to retrieve a rabbit
2 - Us & Our dogs (1)
23 - Zoe in the water