Colour: LIVER
Sex: Dog
Date of Birth: 21/01/1988
Stud Book Number: 0086CA
Owner: Mr & Mrs H & S Taylor
Breeder: Mr & Mrs A & E Sant
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Tolgarth Tahi Sh Ch Wyncek Ultra Sh Ch & S A Dayhouse Bruce Ch Adam of Elmbury
Mittina Bonnie
Bowgate Suede of Wyncek Templetrine Sir Randolph
Dayhouse Juniper of Bowgate
Sh Ch Templetrine Rebbeca of Tolgarth Sh Ch Winterwood Aramis Ch Bacanti Benjamin of Winterwood
Caperland Osprey of Westacres
Templetrine Midnight Solo Templetrine Michael
Templetrine Sally Ann
Segedunum Yana of Tolgarth Donholme David Ch Adam of Elmbury Gormac Teal
Juno of Elmbury
Donholme Amy Templetrine Mark Anthony
Rimaelia Janeve
Rimaelia Lorna Templetrine Mark Anthony Anthony of Elmbury
Sh Ch Jillian of Mittina
Rimaelia Herleen Ch Adrian of Elmbury
Sh Ch Juanita of Mittina

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